[Fragunit]'s new Lowgravity Server

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[Fragunit]'s new Lowgravity Server Empty [Fragunit]'s new Lowgravity Server

Post  KingRichet on Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:22 pm

Hello everybody.

A new LOWGRAVITY server has opened its doors and thus it is an honour for me to inform you about it.

IP :

The clan [Fragunit] played Lowgravity Rocketlauncher Arena in UT99 for years and few months ago we set foot in the UT3 world.
Our server contains several gametypes:

CTF and DM-Rocketlauncher Arena, Lowgravity
CTF and DM-All Weapons, Lowgravity
DM-Instagib, Lowgravity

We are using a classic weapons mutator. Therefore the Rocketlauncher loads up to six rockets/grenades and the Flakcannon secondary fire angle is fixed.
Since we were used to play 140% speed on UT99 we also altered the speed on our new server for more amazing nonstop action.

I would be glad if you....

come by, and die =]


With hundreds of players constantly competing online, youíd think that the competition would be more even & scores would be tighter. Unfortunately, thatís rarely the case as a majority of the players are still relatively newbies.
Itís far more likely that youíll find one or two players dominating a game with constant control of the most critical power-ups, or the most amazing agility and deadly-accurate aim.

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