Breaking News: About spawning, respawning and spawnkill

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Breaking News: About spawning, respawning and spawnkill

Post  [CBS]Mickey on Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:14 pm

About spawning, respawning and spawnkill

Spawning means "to create" or "to produce" something, and consequently respawning means to create/produce something again. This is exactly what happens after being killed in a game: your player figure re-appears with new health to continue playing. For example, in the sniper games the respawning player can be seen as a transparent figure for 10 seconds. This time interval should be used by the respawning player to search and (hopefully) find a safe place for hiding. During this 10 seconds no other player is allowed to shoot at or to follow the respawner.

To be more precise, there basically exist 3 types of spawnkilling on the sniper server:

Type 1:
a.) You are a normal player and you follow and/or you shoot at a respawner
b.) you are a respawner and you follow and/or you shoot at another player (a normal or respawning one).

To behave like that is not fair and in these cases you will be automatically punished by loosing health if you shoot at another player.

Type 2:
You are a normal player and you follow a respawner instead of leaving him alone (did you even wait for him at a respawning point? => forbidden). Then you shoot him down just in that moment when the respawner becomes a normal player.

Type 3:
You are in the respawning phase and you are looking for a place to hide. While searching you get - accidentally or on purpose - close to another player already hiding. Then you shoot him down just in that moment when your respawning phase of 10 seconds ends. This is extremely unfair since you exactly know when you can start shooting without loosing own health while the other player does not know when your respawning phase ends and thus does not shoot to avoid the risk of loosing health himself.

We are not willing to accept this spawnkilling any longer. Follow our rules and respect others, and let the game be fun for everyone. If you don't, the consequence will start with some warnings and will end up with a ban from our servers. The majority wants a fair game for fun - there is no reward you get if you don't play fair - except the ban of course. So, be fair and avoid spawnkilling. This guarantees fun for you and others.

by KillYa!:
Look here for a classic example:

The player respawns close to opponent player - at this point he should use his protection to go and find a free spot!

Here the player decided to stay, play unfair by using his spawnprotection against the other player. The other player tries to escape!

Finally, the spawnkiller got an unfair and lame point by breaking our rules. The efford will be a ban for some time if we see anything like that again.


Your CBS-Team

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