How to Unlock special characters in UT3

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How to Unlock special characters in UT3 Empty How to Unlock special characters in UT3

Post  [CBS]KillYa! on Fri Mar 21, 2008 2:22 pm

Hi all,

here is the way how you can unlock all characters in UT3 Exclamation

1. To unlock Xan and Ryns

Go to My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\ and open UTCustomChar.ini

Create a copy of this file!

Scroll to the end, and look for [Iniversion] - directly above that line paste the following code:

Characters=(CharName="Xan MI",Description="Xan MI is the first build ever made from Xan Kriegor.",CharID="N",bLocked="false",Faction="Liandri",PreviewImageMarkup="",CharData=(FamilyID="LIAM",HeadID="E",FacemaskID="C",TorsoID="A",ShoPadID="A",bHasLeftShoPad=True,bHasRightShoPad=false,ArmsID="D",ThighsID="A",BootsID="D"),AIData=(Accuracy=0.4,StrafingAbility=1.0,Tactics=1.0,Jumpiness=0.25,FavoriteWeapon="UTGame.UTWeap_Stinger"))
Characters=(CharName="Ryns",Description="Ryns is a strange person, not much is known about him.",CharID="P",bLocked="false",Faction="TwinSouls",PreviewImageMarkup="",CharData=(FamilyID="TWIM",HeadID="A",TorsoID="C",ShoPadID="G",bHasLeftShoPad=true,bHasRightShoPad=true,ArmsID="E",ThighsID="C",BootsID="E"))

2. To unlock Alanna of the Necris: Enter this code - phayder

3. To unlock Ariel of the Iron Guard: Enter this code - jihan

4. To unlock all standard characters except the ones mentioned above, press F10 ingame and enter unlockallchars

How to Unlock special characters in UT3 KillYa!_red

I use How to Unlock special characters in UT3 Banner-small2

How to Unlock special characters in UT3 468

How to Unlock special characters in UT3 B_460x42_C000000-212121-88A2B9-CCCCCC-FFCC00-FFCC00
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